Trigger Point Treatment in Indiana

Trigger Point Treatment in Indiana

Knowing how chronic pain gets in the way of daily living, APAC offers an effective solution. Our trigger point relief in Indiana is one proven remedy we recommend for patients. Are you learning about it for the first time and don’t know how it works? Our licensed and certified professionals are eager to hear from you and recommend a solution based on your needs.

How Does Our Trigger Point Injection In Indiana Work?

There are painful “knots” in the muscles that are very sensitive to any pressure applied. In most cases, they are a result of repetitive microtrauma or acute trauma, such that you can feel them when you rub your muscles.

Our trigger point injection in Indiana is an effective way to soothe the pain you feel in trigger points on your shoulders, arms, neck, legs, and back. Generally, we use the therapy to treat myofascial pain, which affects the thin white tissue surrounding every muscle.

Do You Need a Trigger Point Injection?

You may wonder if you are a candidate for trigger point treatment in Indiana. We recommend the therapy for patients who have tried other treatment methods without relief. If pain medication and heat, massage, or physical therapy have failed, then we can prescribe trigger-point treatment alongside other forms of therapy.

The treatment is also ideal if you are physically unable to ease the pain through stretching or physical therapy. If movement is too painful for you, we will conduct a thorough exam, and when we rule out any other cause of pain, then prescribe the injection as an effective option.

How We Carry Out the Trigger Point Injection Procedure

We start with locating the trigger point. You will lie down or sit on the exam table, based on where the pain is. Once located, we will cleanse the spot and mark it. The next step is the most uncomfortable one. We pinch the specific spot, stabilize the tissue, and insert a needle into the point.

We then agitate the needle without removing it. You will feel a twitch, and the agitation will continue until the muscle relaxes. The last step is to inject the area with anesthesia, and that will be the end of the procedure.

Why We Recommend Trigger Point Injections

Although uncomfortable, this therapy method provides you pain relief if you have been struggling with excruciating trigger points. Apart from pain relief, the injection also helps restore and improve muscle functionality even when other methods fail.

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APAC’s trigger point treatment in Indiana is an effective way to ease chronic pain. It is an effective option that is better than medication and other therapies, and we recommend it based on the patient’s condition. Consult us for all your pain concerns and see if you are eligible for the treatment.

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