Mild and Severe Neck Strain Causes (Plus Treatment)

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If you have severe neck strain, it could affect your ability to work, relax, and even sleep. Neck strain causes include things like muscles or tendons in your neck tearing or stretching too far.

These neck muscle strain symptoms could happen gradually over a series of weeks or could happen suddenly. This happens from car accidents or athletic injuries. Poor posture can be another reason.

So if you’re suffering from neck strain right now, keep reading to learn the causes and treatment of this condition.

Neck Strain Causes

Mild or severe neck pain has a variety of reasons for occurring. Your neck has seven bones in the spinal column. Different muscles and ligaments support this area.

Neck strain can affect any of these muscles or ligaments in your neck. The two primary causes of neck strain are:

1. The Levator Scapulae

This is on the side of your neck next to your shoulder blade. Every time you bend or turn your neck, this is used. Restricted movement along with pain is typically a symptom of this issue.

2. Trapezius

The trapezius muscle could also cause neck muscle strain symptoms. The trapezius begins at the base of your skull and extends partially down your back over a portion of your shoulders. The trapezius affects up and down movements. If you’re experiencing neck pain, you’ll know because of the size and location.

You could feel a dull pain or even inflammation that begins to accelerate. Eventually sharp pain could occur every time you move your neck. Neck strains can sometimes heal on their own.

However, sometimes it’s necessary to receive treatment. It’s not always easy to identify why you have neck strain.

Again, it could be due to a sudden event or gradual fatigue on the muscles due to poor positioning. Recovery time will also depend on how many muscle fibers have been damaged.

Neck Strain Symptoms: Other Causes For Them

There are several potential causes for neck strain and sprain symptoms. This includes repetitive motions on the neck, a collision or fall, such as a sudden impact, lifting a heavy object without warming up.

This could put significant strain on your body. You can also get injured from bad posture and positioning, such as leaning over a computer or tablet.

Strained Neck Symptoms: Continued

Tenderness, headaches, pain on your shoulders, stiff sensation, limited range of motion, dull or sharp pain, muscle spasms, and low concentration are additional symptoms.

You may also have a concussion that’s associated with a neck strain. This could come along with symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, poor bladder control and balance control.

You should seek medical attention right away if you experience any of these symptoms for neck strains.

Neck Strain Treatment

Sometimes symptoms can clear up on their own. However, severe injuries can often take three months to heal completely.

Some treatments that your doctor may recommend are: neck brace, massages, physical therapy, modifying your daily routine to reduce strain on the muscles and tendons and ligaments, heat and icing, alternating stretching and yoga.

More severe injuries may require additional medical attention. You may need to undergo intervention therapy and potentially even surgery. The best way to know your recovery options is to consult with a pain management center of Indiana.

Eliminate Neck Strain Today

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