Lower Back Pain From Driving: How To Prevent It

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If you have lower back pain while driving, it can have an effect on your physical and mental health. After all, you should be able to drive around town or even go for a road trip at will.

So keep reading to learn how you can relieve lower back pain after long car rides. And if the discomfort persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to specialists at pain clinics in Indiana.

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How To Stop Lower Back Pain After Driving Long Distances

Here are some ways to avoid lower back pain from sitting in the car:

Make Yourself Comfortable

Before turning the ignition on and beginning to drive, get yourself situated. You can have a little checklist of things to do before you start driving, such as emptying your back pockets, removing wallets, keys, or other things that may cause your posture to be unbalanced.

Sit Up Straight

Proper alignment is important for your spine to maintain proper curvature and avoid pain. Keep a good distance from the steering wheel.

You don’t want to be slumped over or slouched when you’re driving. This can contribute to unnecessary stress on your back joints and nerves.

Take Advantage Of Your Seat

Many drivers don’t actually use their backrest while driving. However, it’s important to adjust your seat so that it supports your back. That way, your muscles don’t get fatigued when driving. It’s one of the easiest ways to prevent lower back pain from driving too long.

Plan For A Smooth Journey

If possible, get a vehicle that has powerful shocks. This helps absorb the impact when going over bumps on the road. Replacing your tires is another way to ensure a smoother journey.

You can also use a cushion underneath your buttocks to provide more support.

Take Breaks

Every once in a while, you should move your position. If your muscles and back are in one position too long, it can cause stress.

This is what creates inflammation, which ultimately leads to pressure on your nerves causing pain. Try to get out of the car and move around every half an hour or so. This is especially important for longer journeys.

Try Pain Therapy

Consult with your doctor about undergoing pain therapy. There are a variety of ways to alleviate pain without undergoing surgery. Examples include: anesthesia, physical therapy, medications, injections, and more.

Most pain therapy is perfectly safe and can help you enjoy pain relief for several months.

Prevent Back Pain In The Car For Good

Contact the pain management experts at APAC. You can be connected with a doctor or therapist who can help you understand the source of your pain while driving. That way, you can begin treatment that helps you regain your quality of life.

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