Confronting Hip Pain in Dyer, IN

Don’t let excruciating hip pain affect your life and daily tasks. Our goal at APAC Center for Pain Management is to provide a lasting solution thanks to our years of experience and expert care for our patients. We take a holistic approach to hip pain relief in Dyer, IN, to ease hip discomfort, stiffness, and excruciating pain.

How to Recognize Hip Pain

Hip pain presents itself as discomfort in the hip joint area at the meeting between the thigh bone and the pelvis. Many of our patients seek hip pain treatments in Dyer, IN, after injuries to the bones, muscles, ligaments, and the tissues making the joint. We diagnose it after complaints of stiffness, swelling, reduced mobility, or dull to severe pain in the joints.

While discomfort may subside on its own in some cases, we recommend treatment when the pain is unbearable or hinders your normal daily tasks. Most come to us for hip pain and treatment in Dyer, IN, due to fractures, arthritis, infections, tendonitis, or pinched nerves.

How We Diagnose Hip Pain

When you come to us with symptoms, our pain management experts ask you about your symptoms, review your medical history, and obtain imaging. Our state-of-the-art MRIs and X-rays allow us to diagnose the source of the pain, which helps us determine the best treatment method.

What Are Our Treatment Methods?

Our pain specialists carefully diagnose you before providing the most effective solution. We ensure that all our treatments for hip pain in Dyer, IN, are specifically designed based on the patient, their medical history, the cause of the pain, and the severity of the case. We approach treatment differently for each patient, but our pain management specialists usually recommend the following options.

  • Heat and ice: This is the first step that we recommend, offering a way to address inflammation.
  • Physical therapy: We also recommend this treatment when the patient suffers from mobility issues to help them ease the pain and be able to move their joints.
  • Injections: Our anesthetics and steroids have also been effective when it comes to reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Surgery: Our specialists will recommend this as a last resort for patients suffering from severe injuries and when the pain is debilitating.

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    Trust Our Experts for Hip Pain Treatment in Dyer, IN

    You don’t have to silently suffer from hip joint pain in Dyer, IN, when you have APAC Centers for Pain Management in your community. We offer specialized treatment options for your hip pain, offering solutions to address the pain and live life to the fullest once again.

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