Constipation—Can It Cause Back Pain?

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Are you feeling the discomfort of constipation and pondering if it might be behind your back pain problems? If so, you may not be wrong. Constipation and back pain frequently come as a package deal. In this blog post, we explore the connection between constipation and back pain to answer the question, Does constipation cause back pain? Read on.

Does Constipation Cause Severe Back Pain?

Constipation, by itself, usually doesn’t lead to severe back pain, but it can be intensified by existing back problems. If you are grappling with intense back pain coupled with constipation, it might signal an underlying issue like a pinched nerve or a spinal cord injury.

Medical professionals often observe that constipation contributes to dull aches rather than severe back pain. In cases where constipation coincides with intense back discomfort, it becomes crucial to address the root causes of the pain. This involves identifying and managing issues related to spinal health.

Why Can Constipation Affect Back Pain?

The link between constipation and back pain lies in the impact of constipation on your intestines. Stool accumulates and becomes difficult to pass, hence leading to swelling in the intestines. This buildup can result in a visibly larger stomach and increased bloating. The swollen intestines, in turn, contribute to discomfort or pain in your back. Described by many as a dull ache, this sensation is often likened to general back pain. So, if you have ever wondered whether constipation can cause lower back ache, there is a connection.

How Can Constipation and Back Pain Be Treated?

Effective treatment for constipation and back pain hinges on identifying the underlying causes. If dehydration is contributing to your constipation, a simple remedy could be increasing your daily water intake. On the other hand, if sciatica is the root cause, your treatment plan will be tailored accordingly. Sciatica treatments may include medications, physical therapy, or, in more severe cases, surgery.

During your consultation with the doctor, transparency is key. Share all relevant details about your constipation and back pain experiences. This honesty aids the doctor in pinpointing the true origins of your problems, enabling the formulation of an effective treatment plan.

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